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Luv Kids Pediatrics Promise Statements

• Practice the safest, most ethical and effective medical care possible. Refer to medical needs when needed.
• Discover new treatments and cures through breakthrough research.
• Promote healthy communities while reducing health disparities.
• Be a patient advocate to any abnormal situation or signs of inadequate health environment that may be harmful to them physically or mentally.
• Empower our team members to reach their highest potential in a respectful work environment. Pediatric resources with pediatric related education provided to staff members.
• Educate all patients and inspire the next generation.
• Involvement in pediatric research study with evidenced based practice to enhance current practice and therefore; improving health and education to the pediatric practice at Luv Kids Pediatrics and its communities it services.


Rose M. CampbellAPRN, C-PNP

Rose attended The University of Akron, in Ohio where she received her undergraduate BSN degree in Pediatric Nursing in 1993. She then recieved her Masters in Nursing with both a Primary Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and Critical Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner certification in 2008 which she both graduated with SigmaTheta Tau International Honors. Rose has almost 30 years of experience in pediatric nursing. This ranges from premature high risk neonatal delivery, Nicu care, PICU care, pediatric trauma and burn, and pediatric/neonatal critical care transport via ground and air. Rosie as she prefers to be called, currently resides in Rockwall,Texas where she lives with husband Ken and their little fur babies! Some of her hobbies include traveling with husband and she enjoys a good game of golf if the weather permits!

Karla GarciaMedical AssistantPediatric Experience: 6 years

Karla graduated from Remington College in 2014 and has devoted what she believes to be her true calling; which is working with children. Karla has a passion and awareness for children’s health. Continuously she demonstrates concern and commitment to gaining more knowledge, and evidenced based practice towards aiding children by providing the best care possible. Karla’s quote, “When little people are overwhelmed by big emotions, it is our job as adults to share our calm”. Outside of work Karla can be found hiking, running, watching movies and going on spontaneous adventures with her kids.


Norma OchoaMedical AssistantPediatric Experience: 6 years

Norma is one of our bilingual medical assistants born and raised in Dallas, TX. She graduated from Crossroad Academy and later from Carrington College as a medical assistant. Norma extends her own family’s love and devotion working with children. She knows first- hand how difficult it is to have sick children and wanting to make them feel better. A quiet, compassionate, and very intelligent person she is. Norma’s quote is, “work for a cause not for an applause, -Love!, Help!, and Care! we all need it.” She simply loves to help others. In her time away from work she spends time with family and friends. ”


Why Choose Luv Kids Pediatrics

The Luv Kids Pediatrics’s goal is to provide affordable, high-quality early detection, and childcare services for working families to ensure every child.